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We have a saying at Green Hill:  “You Can’t Fake A Fence”  We pride ourselves on employing more than 20 full time fence professionals.  We stress the word professional because our whole team exclusively builds fences; no jack of all trades here. In addition to our people, a few other things separate us from the competition:

  • We operate out of a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Greenville (209 Harris Ave, Greenville 29611) at the intersection of White Horse Rd (highway 25) and Easley Bridge Rd (highway 123).
  • We are the highest and most reviewed fence company in the Upstate.
  • We are not a franchise.  We only operate in the Upstate of South Carolina.  All management and employees live here.
  • We are the largest purchaser of aluminum and vinyl fencing in South Carolina.  That means we get a good material price from our suppliers, so you get a better price on your install.
  • We have a $2,000,000 insurance policy and worker’s compensation.
  • And we of course have an up to date South Carolina contractors license and various city licenses (where needed).
Manning Garrett
Manning GarrettOwner
A lifelong Greenville County resident, JL Mann Patriot, and Clemson Tiger, Manning has seen the upstate rapidly grow over the last 40 years. Manning considers himself lucky to be a part of a team that works with more than 750 homeowners and commercial clients every year.
Jesse Sutton
Jesse SuttonProject Manager
You can tell just from the picture that Jesse is a bundle of positive energy. He brings that level of enthusiasm to make sure every installation ends with a great fence and happy customer. Jesse left high school to become a full time fencer, and is now a sought after industry veteran.
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100 Years Of Combined Experience

AveryProject Estimator
We occasionally make Avery put on his installer hat, but he is mostly our project estimator. If he’s late to a quote, call the FBI and report him missing because you won’t find a more punctual, polite, and knowledge estimator anywhere. Avery measures and prices every job on the spot. Don’t forget to ask him about financing too; we will find a way to make it work. Avery is originally from Minnesota, but now lives in Easley.
KelbyProject Estimator
Meet the most responsive man in the fence business. Kelby does 20 to 30 fence quotes a week. If you need a weekend or after hours quote, you will probably get to meet Kelby. He can get you a price on all types of wood fencing, vinyl privacy fence, as well as aluminum and chain link fencing. Kelby is a Greenville native and when he isn’t managing fence projects he is spending time with his wife and two daughters.
BriscoProject Estimator
Brisco handles most of the commercial and government fence projects for Green Hill. Thanks to his engineering education, Brisco can do everything from detailed material take-offs, CAD drawings, and comprehensive estimates needed for job approval. In addition to commercial work, Brisco also tackles a lot of larger residential projects. Brisco is originally from Pennsylvania, but lives in Piedmont now.
MarcCrew Leader
Don’t let the Clemson hat fool you, Marc is a Massachusetts yankee, but we don’t hold that against him. Marc has 45+ years of experience as an installer, crew leader, and company owner. You are most likely to see Marc on some of our larger commercial projects. But if Marc is on your residential install, just sit back, watch a master at work, and be ready to hear about the Red Sox and Patriots.
JaysonCrew Leader
There just aren’t enough positive things you can say about Jayson. He starts early and stays late, solves problems, and makes sure the job goes smoothly. Jayson is one of the longest tenured employees at Green Hill. He has more than 500 installs under his belt with us, mostly residential wood. Jayson is a Hillcrest graduate and lives in Gray Court now. The only thing he takes more seriously than fencing is racing.
RobCrew Leader
There are only three certainties when it comes to Rob. He will be fishing on Sunday. He will make fun of your truck if it isn’t a Chevy; and he will build you the most perfect fence possible (and he will remind you about it too). You will usually see Rob with his building partner Frankie. They wind up with many of our commercial jobs and/or complicated residential jobs that need their combined 35 years of experience.
DylanCrew Leader
Find something you are good at and do it better than anyone else. Dylan took that to heart when it came to aluminum fencing, specifically pool fencing. If you follow Green Hill on instagram then you already know about Dylan. He is a perfectionist and master at his craft. He and his building partner Rudy have built over 200 pool fencers and have never had a call back by the homeowner or county inspector.
CameronCrew Leader
Cameron is perhaps our most versatile fencer we have on staff. Like everyone, decorative aluminum fencing is probably his favorite build, but Cameron also does a good bit of wood, vinyl, and chain link. You can count on Cameron to build every fence above and beyond ASTM standards. Cameron apprenticed with Rob and Jesse (above) and is now a career fencer just like the rest of our team.
ChrisCrew Leader
Chris is a Georgia native and now lives in Pickens. He has been building fences in the upstate for about ten years now, and has been with Green Hill for three years. Right now Chris is suffering as a victim of his own success. He builds a beautiful vinyl fence, because of his expertise, Chris is up to his eyes in vinyl every week. We throw him a wood, chain link, and aluminum every now and then to protect his sanity.
MemphisCrew Leader
Memphis cut his teeth building commercial chain link fences in Spartanburg when he was just 15. Now nine years later, Memphis is probably our most productive fencer with Green Hill. You aren’t going to see him at zero dark thirty, and he won’t talk your ear off; it’s all business with Memphis. When he is on site, he is there to work. In addition to chain link, Memphis also builds a lot of vinyl and aluminum fences.
DavidCrew Leader
David is a real journeyman fencer. He has worked all over the Southeast and been part of previous travel install crews. Today he mostly does chain link and aluminum fence installs in and around the Greenville area. He will occasionally do some repair work too. David works with his dad, and they bring a great attitude and years of experience to every install. David lives with his family in Pickens County.
MichaelshaneCrew Leader
Michaelshane is an old school “yes ma’am, yes sir” contractor that you just don’t see much any more. He is a customer favorite. He can do all types of fences, but winds up with a lot of wood and aluminum installs. You will usually see Michaelshane working with his preferred helper Cody. They wind up with a lot of one or two day jobs on tougher layouts. Price of being good is that you don’t always get the easy ones.
JohnnySmall Jobs / Repairs
Meet Johnny, the hungriest man at Green Hill. Need someone to pick up an order at 5:30 am, Johnny is on it. Got an emergency repair on a Saturday, Johnny will be there. Need something small built on a tight timeline, you will probably see Johnny. While not technically a crew leader, Johnny is a highly skilled problem solver ready at a moment’s notice to lend an extra hand on a big job or come through in a jam.
NapoleonWarehouse Manager
Napoleon is our resident senior citizen at Green Hill. But don’t let his age fool you, he gets around! Napoleon is a Southside graduate and lifelong Greenville resident. He is responsible for making sure all of our equipment and trucks are looking good. He also has the endless and thankless task of making sure a 40,000 square foot warehouse stays clean. You might even see him on a job site if you are lucky.

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