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There are essentially three types of vinyl fences we install in the Greenville area.  The most popular is of course privacy fencing.  Decorative vinyl picket fences and farm fences, aka split rail, aka ranch fencing are also popular.  Our information below tells you basic facts you need to know when making a decision about if you want vinyl fencing and what type to choose.  Learn about costs, heights, styles, and lead times.

As of this update, July 8th 2024, we have thousands of feet of tan, white, gray, and wood grain vinyl fence in stock at our warehouse in Greenville.  Don’t wait months for a competitor.  We can quote this week and usually install just a week or two later!

There are two main reasons people select vinyl fencing (also called PVC and/or plastic fencing), even though it is more expensive than wood.  The biggest reason is maintenance.  Once it is installed, you don’t have to do any staining or painting.  You aren’t going to see warping or sagging.  What you see on day one is essentially what you are going to see ten years from now.  Customers also like that there is no “pretty” or “ugly” side of the fence.  Two neighbors can equally enjoy a vinyl fence without having to decide who gets the rails and who gets the flat side.

And while a vinyl fencing is more expensive than wood up front, once you stain a wood fence you usually have a similar cost into both fences.

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Two Most Important Questions To Ask A Vinyl Fence Installation Company Before You Hire Someone:

-Does your fence come with a manufacturer’s warranty?
-Do you currently have access to vinyl fencing?

There is a shortage of vinyl fencing throughout the entire country.  Many of our competitor’s suppliers are sold out and can’t get any vinyl fence products for months.  However, since we are the largest purchasers of vinyl fence in the Upstate, we have white, tan, gray and wood grain vinyl fence in large quantities stocked at our warehouse in Greenville.  Keep in mind that there will still be a gap between an accepted quote and an installation date (usually just a few business days).  This gap allows time for us to call in an 811 dig ticket and for our installation labor to become available.  From what we hear daily, we are about the only installer with access to any vinyl privacy fence material.  And our vinyl fences come with a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

How Much Do Vinyl Fences Cost in Greenville?

There is no one word answer, but depending on the style, color, length of fence needed, and lay of the land, you can figure somewhere between about $32 and $50 a foot, plus the cost of gates.  A small yard with one gate is probably $6,000+.  Any quote just comes down to amount of material needed, digging conditions, and hours on the job.  Vinyl fences are expensive, but you get what you pay for between the minimal maintenance and lifetime warranty.

White Vinyl Privacy Fence

It’s always nice to keep the top level and the bottom close to the ground.

A large majority of our fence installation business centers around white vinyl privacy fences.  Some weeks we install a half dozen different vinyl fences throughout the upstate.  White is the most popular because it is the least expensive color.  The picture above is from a large install we did in Five Forks (Simpsonville).

Tan Vinyl Privacy Fences

We installed this fence for two neighbors in a new subdivision in Simpsonville.

There are five basic colors of vinyl privacy fence.  White, tan, khaki, wood grain, and gray.  Those colors are listed in order of price from least expensive to most expensive.  Tan, while more expensive than white, is still very reasonable.  The picture we have shown is a tan lattice box top privacy fence that we installed in Simpsonville.  As you can see, the tan is a very light tan.  It is also sometimes called sand, desert, or beige.

Wood Grain Vinyl Privacy Fences

This faux wood vinyl fence has always come together great for us, just like this install.

This is one of the most asked about vinyl fences that we have installed.  You get the look of wood but you have the lifetime warranty of a vinyl fence.  We installed the above fence in the Chanticleer neighborhood in Greenville.  This style was out of stock for about two years, but it is back and we have it in stock!  It’s not a cheap product, but you get what you pay for.

Driftwood Gray Vinyl Privacy Fences

Our experience has been that this gray vinyl fence looks best in a mature landscape.

This is the most expensive of the traditional six foot vinyl privacy fences that we typically install.  For whatever reason, the darker the color of the fence, the more the fence costs from the manufacturer.  Dozens of other colors exist, but they are all going to be more expensive than this.  The above picture is of an install we did off Hudson Rd in Greenville fall of 2020.  It turned out really nice!  UPDATE!  For the customers who have been wanting this color, it is back in stock and ready to install!

Vinyl Split Rail and Farm Fence

These BlacklineHP fences come in several different styles and varieties.

The photo above isn’t from one of our installs, but this is a fence we can get right now.  The white version of this fence is about half as expensive.  There is a reason most large properties choose a vinyl split rail fence to define their boundary. They are affordable and there is essentially no maintenance. Definitely get a price from us if you are considering something like this. You will be pleased with the cost and product.

Picket Style Decorative Vinyl Fences

Notice how the post caps dress up this fence we installed near Paris Mountain.

Here’s a cool little straight top picket we did in Forrester Woods in Greenville.

This is technically considered a privacy fence, but it is a good example of an open top scallop.

We installed this on Main St in Brevard, NC. These fences really change the feel of a yard.

All of these are actual different fences that we have installed around the Greenville area.  These range from three feet to five feet tall.  Consider if you want a flat top or a scalloped top.  About the only other difference is between the picket styles.  These are not cheap installs.  You are likely looking at $45 a foot as a basic average.

Tips and Myths About Vinyl Fencing

TIP – Vinyl fences do not rack well.  That means that they aren’t built to be used on steep elevation changes or hilly terrains.  We have some tricks to make them work on tough layouts, but just be aware that vinyl isn’t always the best choice for every yard.

TIP – Think about gate size.  Standard gates sizes are four and five feet wide.  And you can use those gates to make double open eight and ten foot gates.  We can make custom sizes smaller or larger, but they can get pricey.  We suggest trying to make a combination of the standard sizes work.

TIP – Trying to dress your fence up on a budget?  Consider adding a post cap.  These usually add several hundred dollars to a standard install, but they make a big difference.

MYTH – Vinyl fences are more likely to get blown down in a storm.  We hear this a lot, especially from people moving to Greenville from hurricane prone areas.  It has not been our experience that vinyl fences get blown down at a greater frequency than other privacy fences.  We put 80lbs of concrete in a 10 inch wide by 22 inch deep hole.  Our gate posts all get a steel insert.  We would never definitively say that a fence can’t get blown over, but a vinyl fence is not more susceptible to wind damage than a wood fence.

MYTH – And this is really more of a misconception.  But shorter fences and semi-private fences are not less expensive because they use less material.  All the six foot tall privacy fences shown above are going to be less expensive per foot than even the most common four and five foot decorative fences.  This is because the fence manufacturers produce huge quantities of privacy fence daily and shorter fences are all special order.

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