Vinyl Fence Installation

There are essentially three types of vinyl fences we install in the Greenville area.  The most popular is of course privacy fencing.  Decorative and farm fencing using vinyl is also popular.  Our information below tells you basic facts you need to know when making a decision about if you want vinyl fencing and what type to choose.  Learn about costs, heights, styles, and lead times.

There are two main reasons people select vinyl fencing, even though it is more expensive than wood.  The biggest reason is maintenance.  Once it is installed, you don’t have to do any staining or painting.  You aren’t going to see warping or sagging.  What you see on day one is essentially what you are going to see ten years from now.  Customers also like that there is no “pretty” or “ugly” side of the fence.  Two neighbors can equally enjoy a fence without having to decide who gets the rails and who gets the flat side.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Info

  • Pricing: If you are talking about several hundred feet of vinyl privacy fencing on a super easy layout you might be able to get a price as low as about $24 to $26 a foot. To be conservative, figure something a little bit higher for a smaller residential build. Each gate usually adds $300 – $400.
  • Colors: White is the most common and readily available color. Tan, khaki, and gray are also available. They cost the same, but could take a few weeks to order. Those colors are not always in stock. Wood grain styles also exist. They are considerably more expensive and are always a custom order. They do look great though!
  • As mentioned above, vinyl privacy fencing is popular because each side looks exactly the same.
  • Timing: We take delivery of vinyl privacy fencing materials on Wednesdays. A standard residential install takes about 2-3 days.
  • Size and Height: Most generic vinyl privacy fencing is going to be 6 feet tall with panels that are 8 feet wide. Gates are 4 feet wide.

Decorative Picket Style Vinyl Fences

  • Pricing: A general misconception is that since decorative fences are shorter, that they are cheaper. Sadly, that is not true. On an especially long fence, like several hundred feet or more, you might be able to get a price in the mid-$20s per foot. But most shorter runs are going to be in the low $30s per foot.
  • Availability: Most picket style vinyl fences are custom orders, meaning that from the time of order, it will take 3-4 weeks for us to get materials. Some 4 foot tall fences will be available immediately. Two, three, and five foot picket fences will be custom orders. Special order does not mean more expensive.

Farm Fences / Vinyl Split Rail

  • Pricing: Most vinyl farm fencing is actually cheaper than wood! Our typical price for a three rail fence is going to range from $10 – $15 a foot depending on total number of feet and the ease of layout.
  • There is a reason most large properties choose a vinyl split rail fence to define their boundary. They are affordable and there is essentially no maintenance. Definitely get a price from us if you are considering something like this. You will be pleased with the cost and product.

View All Vinyl Fence Styles

There are three or four different vinyl fence manufacturers that we work with.  The pdf links to a brochure showing photos, colors, and heights of vinyl fencing that a retailer in Charlotte manufacturers.  We order from them most frequently.  We like Legends vinyl fencing because it is well-made and delivered quickly.  VIEW VINYL FENCING BROCHURE  So if you work with us on your install, we would select a fence style you like, and we would then purchase it and install it (manufacturers don’t sell directly to homeowners).  So any time you get a price quote from us, the number always includes us buying the fence material and us installing it.  Give us a call to discuss further.  864-553-2865