Greenville, SC Vinyl Fence Builder

As you are reading this, we probably have a crew out building a vinyl privacy fence somewhere in Greenville right now.  While we are available to do all types of custom fencing projects, probably 90% of our fencing business is building and installing vinyl or wood privacy fences.  We have it pretty much down to a science and most jobs only take two working days.  As a word of warning, even if you don’t need a fence until a couple months down the line, go ahead and give us a call to get on the schedule for an estimate.  As you are probably learning while calling around, there is a shortage of fence installers in the Greenville area and installation availability goes quickly.

Call or Text: 864-546-0700

As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

Further Comments About Vinyl Fencing:  There are essentially three reasons people choose vinyl fencing over wood fencing (outside of just a difference in tastes).
-Availability:  Believe it or not, with the huge housing boom right now, especially in the Greenville area, there can be a shortage of wood fencing.  We have never had a problem getting vinyl fencing.
-Timeline:  A wood fence build usually takes a full week for your average third acre lot.  A vinyl fence only takes about two days.  So we wind up doing a lot of vinyl fence installs for people who waited until the last minute and we had to sneak them into the schedule.
-Upkeep:  While the materials associated with a wood fence are cheaper, the time to install and the upkeep usually makes wood more expensive.  A lot of customer like vinyl fencing just because once it is in the ground you are pretty much set for years.

Before you fall in love with the benefits of a vinyl fence, make sure your HOA allows it.  We work with a lot of new homeowners in new developments in Simpsonville, Greer, Taylors, etc, and a surprising number of neighborhoods are only allowing wood privacy fences.  Just an FYI while you are researching.