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Who knew Easley would be our most active fence install market!  Green Hill Fence has built more fences in Easley during its boom over the past four years than any other local fence contractor.  The reason for that is our pricing and turnaround times.  Our warehouse is at the intersection of Highway 123 and Highway 25.  So we are only about ten minutes from downtown Easley.  We can quickly quote any fence style you need.  We price match any other qualified installer, but usually we are already the low bid.

Outside of fence pricing and turnaround times, we also have the required qualifications to work in the city of Easley.  Those are:

  • business license
  • federal tax identification
  • a true business location
  • at least $1,000,000 of liability insurance

Most new neighborhoods in Easley are also going to require you to get a stormwater approval.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s a fairly simple approval process we can assist with.  We can draw up the fence layout on your plat that your HOA will require.  That same fence form can be sent to the city of Easley, and then we can pay the permit.  Of course if you are out in the country then those items won’t be needed.

One thing we have learned after installing a few dozen fences in the area is that Easley is very rocky, especially the closer you get to Highway 81.  Some of the newer builds like Pearson Farms and Lily Park have favorable digging conditions.  But some older areas like Caledonia and Avendell can be tough!  Easley has a diverse range of terrains.  We have dozens of vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain link, and estate fences built throughout Easley.  Contact us if you want to see some of our prior work.

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