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While we would like to think that all of our fences are attractive, we understand that commercial and business fencing is sometimes more about function and security.  We frequently install security chain link fence with barbed wire and/or razor wire.  We do lots of barrier fencing with wood and aluminum; and we do more aesthetic projects to help businesses hide storage areas and dumpsters.

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If seeking a bid on a commercial fence job, it is extremely important to have specifications on the grade/thickness/weight of the material you need.  There is going to be a very wide price range between residential and industrial specs.  It is also helpful to have some indication of the linear feet and gate setup required.  And a quick comment on timeline for the install is helpful.  Having all that information will help us get you an accurate price with no surprises.

Ideal Commercial Fence Projects:

HOA and Multi-Family Projects – We have done lots of large projects for HOA communities and new construction apartment projects.  See pictures below for some specific examples.
Self-Storage and Warehouses – If you are trying to secure a large commercial or industrial facility, please get with us on some chain link and aluminum pricing.
Schools and Sports Fields – We have been lucky to work with Clemson, Anderson University, multiple YMCAs and many other parks to build fencing around their facilities and sport fields.

Previous Commercial Fence Clients 2020 and Prior

We frequently do commercial fence installation jobs for both large and small businesses.  While most of our installs tend to be in Greenville, some jobs have also taken us to Clemson, Greenwood, Piedmont, Duncan, and Spartanburg.  We would travel further for the right job.  Don’t hesitate to ask, even if you think it might not be in our market.

2021 Commercial Fence Clients

We did a lot of local commercial fencing projects in and around Greenville in 2021.  Anderson University was a great customer in 2021 (and 2022).  We got to install their new soccer field fencing, which was over 1,200 feet of industrial aluminum.  We did the entire fencing for Novo and Hamilton Park Apartments in Mauldin and Greenwood.  Each project was several thousand feet of fencing mixed between wood, chain link, and aluminum fencing around new pools.  We also tackled some chain link jobs for lots of the other commercial clients you see in the graphic above.

2022 Commercial Clients

We had the pedal to the medal mostly focusing on residential work in 2022.  We did some commercial work for Chick-fil-a on Pelham Rd.  We also did lots of HOA work for a handful of neighborhoods in and around Simpsonville that needed to new barrier or pond fencing.  Early 2023 has been busy with commercial work.  We are excited to reveal photos of some of our largest projects yet when they are complete at the end of 2023.

Portfolio of Past Installs

Here is a one day core drilled aluminum fence we did for Holiday Inn in Greenville. There is another 100 feet not seen in this picture.

These generator cages always take some planning. This one we did for Publix in Simpsonville came together nicely.

We can get you very competitive prices on six foot galvanized chain link fence, with or without barbed wire. This image is from an install we did for 84 Lumber in Spartanburg County.

We did this 8′ tall tan vinyl fence for Dogtopia in Greenville.

A single picture doesn’t really capture the scale of this fence. It is over 1,000 feet long, 10 feet tall, has razor wire, and two massive 20′ gate sections. We built this in the fall of 2020 for Amazon.

Close up of a gate access we did on a high security fence in Fountain Inn. About the whole thing was core-drilled, took a while, but came together nicely.

Excuse the pun, but most garbage enclosures look like trash after a year. This one has a metal frame and 6″ posts. It is looking great a year in. On Poinsett Highway in Greenville.

Here is a close up of an aluminum gate we did for a large apartment complex in Mauldin. The same job also had a half mile of black chain link around the retention ponds.

Not much to look at here really. We did this aluminum fencing around the retention pond for Tanner Hall in Greenville. We worked directly under the grading contractor.

Can’t disclose the location, but this was a fun commercial chain link project. 7′ tall with 6 strands of barbed wire.

This was a much bigger project than the photo shows. It was for Spectrum near Chick-Fil-A on Laurens Rd. It’s about 600 feet of industrial aluminum. Had to get creative in a few spots to make it work.

This is on main street in Mauldin. It came to about 1,500 feet of 5 foot tall aluminum fence. We reference this project a lot because you can walk up and touch the fence here (can’t do that in someone’s backyard too easily).

This project required all types of fencing, but this photo specifically shows aluminum fencing that was plated and bracketed into the concrete and wood frame.

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