Aluminum Fence Builder in Greenville, SC

If you are considering getting a new aluminum fence then you have come to the right spot.  We do a couple dozen builds a year.  We actually don’t end up doing too many aluminum fences in Greenville proper.  Most aluminum fences tend to wind up in country estates in Simpsonville, Travelers Rest, and other cities where land is more plentiful.  The big benefit of an aluminum fence is that you get to enclose and define an area, but you get to keep the views.  Aluminum fences are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional wood or vinyl privacy fence.  We also wind up working aluminum fencing into plenty of pool and decorative front yard fences.  Call us to get an appointment set up to talk about your project.

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As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

Need an Aluminum Fencing Repair?  The one downside to aluminum fencing is that it is susceptible to damage, especially if you have kids playing outdoor activities too close to it.  Even if you aren’t handy, you can probably fix it yourself.  Most big box stores will sell a matching panel for less than $150.  In this market it will be tough to get a company out for a small repair.  Just like with any fence, the work is in spacing and digging the posts.