Aluminum Fence Builder in Greenville, SC

If you are considering getting a new aluminum fence then you have come to the right spot.  We do a couple dozen builds a year.  We actually don’t end up doing too many aluminum fences in Greenville proper.  Most aluminum fences tend to wind up in country estates in Simpsonville, Travelers Rest, and other cities where land is more plentiful.  The big benefit of an aluminum fence is that you get to enclose and define an area, but you get to keep the views.  Aluminum fences are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional wood or vinyl privacy fence.  We also wind up working aluminum fencing into plenty of pool and decorative front yard fences.  Call us to get an appointment set up to talk about your project.

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As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

Need an Aluminum Fencing Repair?  The one downside to aluminum fencing is that it is susceptible to damage, especially if you have kids playing outdoor activities too close to it.  Even if you aren’t handy, you can probably fix it yourself.  Most big box stores will sell a matching panel for less than $150.  In this market it will be tough to get a company out for a small repair.  Just like with any fence, the work is in spacing and digging the posts.

3 Rail Universal Aluminum Fence

This is the most popular aluminum fence we sell/install in the Greenville area. Most customers select a 4 or 5 foot height, but 3 and 6 foot versions are available. This is popular because it is reasonably priced and like all of our aluminum fences, comes with a 30 year limited warranty.  We have this fence in stock and ready to go.

Puppy Picket Aluminum Fence

Notice the double pickets on the bottom third of this aluminum fence. These fences are made specifically to keep small dogs contained. Despite being our most expensive fence, we actually do a lot of puppy picket installs, especially in high end neighborhoods where wood fences aren’t allowed. This style is about 80% more expensive than traditional aluminum.

2 Rail Universal Top Aluminum Fence

This is the simplest and least expensive aluminum fence we sell. It is 48 inches tall, which makes it an ideal choice if you need to meet the minimum pool code compliance because you blew your budget on the pool! This is still a high quality fence with a 30 year limited warranty.

Spear Top Picket Aluminum Fence

This is probably the most formal aluminum fence we install. This fence costs the same as a traditional universal top fence, so despite being fancy, it really isn’t more expensive. While these pickets aren’t sharpened to an edge or point, this fence is typically not installed around many homes with young children.

Covered Spear Aluminum Fence

This is formally called a universal spear top fence, but we more often call it a covered spear aluminum fence. This style is extremely popular in 54″ with a flush bottom. That particular variety is the least expensive decorative style aluminum fence that is still universally pool compliant.

Staggered Spear Aluminum Fence

Of the six aluminum fences we have shown here, this is probably the one we use the least. It usually take a couple of weeks to get in stock and it also costs about 15% more than the straight top spear fence. However, for someone looking for a classic aesthetic, this might be the best fit.

Some Past Aluminum Fence Installs

Here is a black 4 foot aluminum puppy picket we did in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville. This was about 300′ feet. Pictured here is a double open straight top gate.

This is another view of the same puppy picket fence as above. Take a look at the arched gate. Standard options are straight top gates or arched gates. There is also something called a double drive or rainbow arch gate (not pictured here).

Aluminum Fence Manufacturers

One thing that isn’t always clear at our first consultation with homeowners is that we don’t make the aluminum fences we install.  Just like with a tiler, flooring installer, brick mason, etc, we provide the labor and skill to install the fence.  You can pick your fence from any number of manufacturers.  Below are the brochures of the three manufacturers we use most frequently.  When comparing apples to apples, fence panels. posts, and gates are priced within pennies of each other between manufacturers.  So none of these are a high-end or low-end option.  We probably use Master Halco the most.  We like Hudson a lot for commercial, industrial, and color jobs.  Both Master Halco and Hudson are located in the Charlotte area.  That is great for us because we can easily get deliveries or drive up if we need something quickly.  If you saw something online that you don’t see in our gallery or brochure, then let us know.  We can figure out the maker, track it down, and order it for you.