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Most upstate South Carolina residents consider Travelers Rest to be a fast up and coming area, and that is generally true, especially the downtown business corridor.  But when it comes to residential development though, Travelers Rest still has a lot of room to grow.  We have done a handful of aluminum fences in The Cliffs Valley.  We have also done a few aluminum fences around the Hotel Domestique area of Travelers Rest.  But the majority of our recent fence work has been wood and vinyl installs closer to town.  Travelers Rest just doesn’t have that big 100+ home development yet.  So while we do a lot of work in TR, it is usually just one off projects every couple weeks.

Fortunately, there are a lot of estate homes where we have been able to build automatic gate operators and some larger three and four board ranch rail fences.  New pool fence builds also keep us busy in Travelers Rest.  We have good relationships with several pool contractors who refer us most of their new aluminum work.

One feather in our cap is that we have installed one of the largest fence projects ever built in Travelers Rest.  We did over a half mile of six foot tall black spear top steel security fence on Page Ct.  As of this writing, that project is still open and being added onto.

If you are moving to Travelers Rest and need a fence for some pets or if you need to upgrade your yard, give us a call.  We are actively quoting and can install on very short turnaround times.

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