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We would be happy to install your new fence in Lyman.  But keep something in mind, most new neighborhoods in Lyman (and Wellford) do require you to have not only HOA approval, but also a permit from the city.  In order to be issued a permit, your fence contractor must have:

  • tax id
  • business license
  • physical location
  • $1,000,000+ of liability insurance

There are a handful of professionally organized fence contractors like Green Hill who can meet these qualifications, many more are not set up to qualify for a building permit in Lyman.

From past experience we can 100% confirm that the new neighborhoods of:

  • Hampton Hills
  • Elliot Park
  • Shady Grove

All do require a business license and permit to build.  We know this because we have built wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences in all of these neighborhoods.

Outside of the paperwork, building a fence in Lyman is generally straight forward.  Most yards have favorable digging conditions, and the new neighborhoods are all relatively flat with good drainage.  Just like with most new neighborhoods, the lots are small, so privacy is the preferred material (usually wood or vinyl fencing).  But we have also fenced in some larger homes in Lyman with both aluminum and vinyl fencing.

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