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Spartanburg is a very hot market for both real estate and fences.  Despite being headquartered in Greenville, we quote new fence installations in Spartanburg County multiple times each week.  We do occasionally work inside Spartanburg city limits.  We have done some really nice wood projects on North Park, East Park, and Forest Ave.  Digging conditions in Converse Heights are always tough, with lots of rocks, roots, and hidden problems.  But we still have built a handful of aluminum fences and automatic gate operators in the older neighborhoods of Spartanburg.  If you are doing a fence project in Spartanburg proper, you will absolutely need a business license and permit.  We are of course setup to handle that.  The city will shut you down if you are building a new fence without a permit.  They don’t cost much at all, so it makes sense to just do it correctly from the start.

Just like in Greenville County, our typical Spartanburg install tends to be in the new subdivisions where people need a quality fence, built quickly, at a fair price.  A lot of these new developments are in West Spartanburg, Moore, and Duncan.  Just like with Converse Heights, digging is usually extremely rocky.  We have learned some hard lessons.  While we always try to work quickly, if your yard is covered with hidden boulders, then a two day fence can turn into a four day fence.  The most important part of building a fence is setting the posts to the correct depth.

Fortunately that rocky soil isn’t everywhere.  We probably have a handful of fences spread between Southern Spartanburg towns like Pacolet and Pauline.  Digging is favorable there.  We are mostly serving that area on referrals from custom home and pool builders, or when past customers move and need new work.  If you drew a line from Roebuck to Pacolet, that would be about as far south and east as we cover.  We do get into the Carolina Country Club area as well.  Chesnee definitely marks our Northern service area boundary.

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