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We LOVE installing new fencing in Landrum for two reasons.  There is a 99% chance we are either building an aluminum fence in The Cliffs at Glassy and we are going to have a beautiful view for a couple days.  Or we are in a quiet part of Landrum building a farm fence.  There really isn’t a lot in between.  We might have a couple of privacy fences we have done in downtown Landrum, but most of the work is fairly rural.

The only bad part about installing fencing in Landrum, specifically The Cliffs, is that the soil is very rocky and frequently bedrock can be hidden just below the surface.  The most important part of building a fence is setting the posts deep enough for the fence to last.  Most of our crews take a jackhammer and core drill when working in Landrum so we can be ready for the hidden rock.  The other tricky part about Landrum is all the elevation changes.  Fortunately we can address those on the initial quote so there are no surprises.  Just keep in mind that your chosen fence may not work or look great if you have lots of slopes in your yard.  There have been a couple installs we had to pass on because the vinyl and aluminum fencing panels couldn’t work on the elevation.

A couple of our favorite prior builds are in Landrum.  We did a really cool custom white aluminum fence on Earl Fort Road.  We installed another white aluminum fence on Howe Rd.  Amazingly, those are the only two white aluminum fences we have been asked to install; probably just a coincidence that they were both in Landrum.  We have a couple other aluminum fences on Tugaloo Rd and Belue Cemetery Rd.  All other fence builds in Landrum have been in the Cliffs.

Despite our Greenville address, Landrum is actually just a short half hour drive from our warehouse.  We would be happy to get you a free fence quote

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