Wrought Iron Fences in Greenville, SC

Congrats, you have decided on a wrought iron fence for your yard.  We have a reality check for you though, for every ten wrought iron fence quotes we do in Greenville, probably only about one home owner actually ends up going with iron.  Wrought iron fences and gates have some huge benefits.  They can be absolutely gorgeous, and their life (especially if well maintained) is pretty much infinite.  However, they are expensive!  If you need a statement piece gate or want to spruce up a very small area that gets a lot of views, then by all means consider using some wrought iron.  However, if you need a fence for barrier purposes, especially over more than about 20-30 feet, you will want to consider something besides iron.  Most people end up going with a nice black aluminum fence instead of iron for larger projects.

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As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

A Quick Comment on Wrought Iron Fencing:  If you are in love with doing a project with wrought iron but are on a budget, then we would advise to start keeping an eye on second hand stores, estate sales, and auctions.  Many homeowners expect wrought iron to have that lovely patina that you see on old Charleston iron fences and gates.  New wrought iron can be underwhelming.  So if you do decide that wrought iron is for you, make sure you understand that it isn’t going to have that old world feel from day one.  And if that isn’t OK with you, then you can buy old fencing second hand and we can work it into your new build.