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If you were a fence contractor in South Carolina between about 1980 and 2010, Simpsonville was THE place to be.  You had huge neighborhoods like Neely Farms and Spalding Farms getting built out on opposite sides of town.  There were dozens of new neighborhoods all across Jonesville, Harrison Bridge, W Georgia, Roper Mountain, Highway 14 and Woodruff Rd.  But for the most part, things in Simpsonville are starting to slow down.  We still do plenty of new work in Simpsonville, but things have gotten quieter compared to the boom time.  A lot of what we do now are tear outs and reinstalls or new aluminum fencing around pools.

There are some hot areas in Simpsonville where we are actively working new neighborhoods.  They are mostly off Fork Shoals road and some of the new builds at the edge of Five Forks getting close to Woodruff.  The development around Heritage Park has created some great new neighborhoods like The Settlement and Heritage Village.  We have dozens of jobs in and around Simpsonville where you can see some of our previous work.  We probably have more than 50 fences built just in Hartridge Manor, Sullivan Chase, River Trace, and Highland Chase alone.  Fences seem to be addictive in Simpsonville.  Once we do one, all the neighbors fall in love and want their own.

We are actively looking for new fence jobs in Simpsonille.  We specialize in wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum fencing.  We aren’t just limited to residential work either.  We did all the new commercial fencing at the Publix and Starbucks on W Georgia Rd at E Standing Springs.  Give us a chance to quote your installation.  We have a very competitive price and we won’t be learning on your job.  It’s all been done hundreds and hundreds of times before.

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