Inman, SC Fence Installation Contractor

We have been doing a lot of new fence installs in Inman over the last couple of years.  Inman is still an up-and-coming area that is just now starting to get more large planned neighborhood developments.  Maybe ten to twenty years ago the fence work we did in Inman was mostly just wood fences and the occasional farm fence.  Then maybe five to ten years ago we were doing a lot of aluminum fences in Woodfin Ridge.  There are still new houses being built in Woodfin Ridge, but now we are seeing more action in Southern Inman like New Cut Meadows and Ashton Ridge.

Inman has been a great fencing area for us.  The digging conditions have been largely favorable.  And what’s even better, most yards in Inman tend to be at least half acre lots.  So we have a chance to build fences that aren’t just all corners.  Inman still has a lot of room to grow as old farm land is converted into new neighborhoods.  Inman is a great area in the path of progress that is convenient to both Greenville and Spartanburg.

Please give us a chance to quote your next fence project in Inman.  We are frequently in the area and we promise you will like our price.

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