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We have worked to build relationships with many pool contractors in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Because of these relationships, we are now the #1 pool fence installer in Greenville and surrounding towns.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly to get a quote on your installation if your selected pool company has not already included your fence.  We can tell you all about the codes and requirements of pool fencing that your casual installer won’t know or will chose not to do.

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Pool Fence Tips from Green Hill:

1)  If you are budgeting a pool install, figure that an aluminum pool fence is going to cost a minimum of $4,000.  That price will get you an approximately 150′ fence with one 4′ gate.  Your most basic pool layout and concrete deck is going to leave about 150′ you need to cover.
2)  We strongly recommend you consider an aluminum fence.  We build dozens of aluminum fences each year.  They have a 30 year warranty and in our option look much better than wood or vinyl when going around a pool.
3)  Consider how landscaping will work with your new pool and fence.  And think about the timing of how you want each piece of your backyard installed.
4)  Contact us sooner rather than later to get a conversation going about your fence install.  Material prices are only going up.  Waiting a few months could make your fence 20% more expensive.
5)  We know it is no fun to pay for a fence after buying a pool.  But don’t get cheap with the fence material or layout.  Get as much fence as you think you will need.

Basic Requirements of Pool Fencing:

The fence must be 48 inches or taller.
The gates must swing out away from the pool area.
The latches on the gates must be 54 inches above grade.
The hinges on the gates must be self-closing.
The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground can be no more than two inches.
The fence cannot have gaps larger than four inches.

Links To Pool Fence Affidavits:

Greenville County Pool Fence Affidavit
Spartanburg County Pool Fence Affidavit
Anderson County Pool Fence Affidavit
Pickens County Pool Fence Affidavit

**These links were uploaded in 2021.  There is a chance each county could change these in the future.

Six Foot Aluminum Pool Fence

We do a good bit of fencing around neighborhood, apartment, and country club pools. We did this 6′ fence around the River Walk pool in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville.

Residential 2 Rail Aluminum Fence

This was a really smart install we did near Paris Mountain in Greenville. The fence works seamlessly with the landscaping and it isn’t crowing the pool.

Wood & Vinyl Are Also Options

While most people choose aluminum, we still do plenty of privacy options like vinyl and wood. This install was near Lake Robinson in Greer.

We Work The Whole Upstate

We like pool fences because we aren’t fighting roots, elevation changes, or any of the other challenges that make fence installations difficult.  Due to their ease of installation, we really do work a wide area for pool fencing.  2020 saw us install pool fences in Townville, Williamston, Anderson, Greenwood, Pacolet, Mills River NC, Seneca, and of course your usual locations like Greer and Simpsonville.  If you are within 50 miles of Greenville, it is worth getting a quote from us.

Call or Text:  864-553-2865