Pool Fence Builder In Greenville

Our team builds dozens of pool fences throughout the year in Greenville and the surrounding counties.  We will make sure your fence meets the local city guidelines for safety (and they are different from city to city).  We can do anything from just a simple white aluminum fence to keep you compliant, all the way up to stone walls and iron ornamental work.

Call or Text: 864-553-2865
Email:  Sales@GreenvilleFencing.com

As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

Greenville Pool Fences Comment:  I think pool fences end up having the shortest life out of all the fencing projects we do.  And that isn’t because of the fence falling apart, it is because of tastes changing, landscaping renovations, or decks getting expanded.  Before you buy or install a cheap pool fence, think about if you will be happy with it if the rest of your backyard ends up getting an update.  Pool fencing is usually a last concern because it is about the only type of fencing we build that is actually required by the city.  So most home owners see the project as just a necessity rather than a design option.  But there is plenty of fencing out there right now that is affordable and looks better than the old 90s style plastic fencing that many people think they have to settle for.