Decorative & Ornamental Fences Builder in Greenville

The traditional saying is that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but few things go further to increase the curb appeal of a home more than a decorative fence.  We use the term decorative fence to describe pretty much any fence that isn’t used for boundary, privacy, or retaining purposes.  These fences usually go in the front yard along a sidewalk to help add a unique feel to a house.  We would encourage you to check out our pages on aluminum fences and vinyl fences.  Both pages have info about 3′ tall and decorative versions of each fence.

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Front Yard Fencing Comments:  Greenville and other cities, as well as neighborhoods, will have setback requirements for fences built near roads and sidewalks.  Be sure you know where you can and can’t put the fence before getting started.  A little tip from the experts, save some room for a row of plants, grass, or other vegetation between the road/sidewalk and fence.  A stitch in time would be to get irrigation out to the street and spend a little extra money to bring electricity as well.  That will save a lot of time and money to get the wiring for lights while the fence is being built rather than after the fact.  And don’t cut yourself too short near the driveway.  Leave plenty of room to get a car/truck/trailer in and out easily.