Automatic Driveway Gate Installers in Greenville

Please take a look below at just a select few photos of custom gate installs we have done in Greenville.  Our standard install is usually in an older neighborhood like Chanticleer, Gower, Augusta Rd, or North Main.  This is because in these areas the parking pad is most often behind the house, compared to newer builds where parking is in front of the house.  We also do custom driveway entries for estate homes on larger lots.  After doing a few hundred electric gate installations in Greenville, we can tell you the handful of things to consider.

Single or Double Drive Automatic Gate

1) Do you want a single piece gate or a double drive gate?  A double gate is going to cost more, but not painfully more.  The labor and operator cost is more on a double gate (because you are doing everything twice), but the material cost of a double gate itself is usually less than a single gate piece.  This is because there is more structural material required to build a single gate than two gates half the size of the single (hopefully that makes sense).  Tight spaces sometimes require a double swing.  Or when you are dealing with lots of slope on a driveway, you may have to do a double drive to avoid having a large gap under the gate.

Flat Top or Arched Top Aluminum Gate

2) Do you want a flat top or arched gate?  Most people prefer to have an arch in the gate, simply for aesthetic reasons.  An arched gate does add to the material cost of the project.  As an example, if a flat top gate is $2,000, the same gate with an arch might be $2,500.

Aluminum, Wood, or Chain Link Material

3) What material gate serves you best?  As you can see from our photos below, probably 95% of the time we are doing aluminum gates with an automatic operator.  You can just as easily do a chain link gate, but why put a nice operator on a cheap chain link gate?  If you have to do a wood gate, then you still need a steel or aluminum frame for the operator arm to connect to.  You would then affix the wood pickets to the metal frame.  The wood adds a lot of weight to each gate piece.  If you don’t have to do wood, then we would try to steer you away from wood.

Electric or Solar Power

4) Do you want to do electric or solar?  As long as you have an existing electric outlet within about 25 feet of the operator, then we can easily plug into it.  Even if the outlet is in a basement, crawl space, or garage, we can usually find a way to access it.  If you don’t have an existing outlet, then you would need to hire a licensed electrician to run a new outlet close to the gates, probably at a cost of a few hundred dollars depending on how far away they are having to bring power in from.  If you have the space you can just as easily do a solar setup.  If you are doing an electric gate at an estate home where the main house is several hundred feet away, then solar is going to be a lot less expensive than running new power to the road.  Whether you do electric or solar, both systems run off a 12 volt battery that is constantly charged.  So even if you lose power, you will still be able to use the system for 48-72 hours.

Features Included With Every Gate Install

No matter what option you do, each install is going to have the operator (aka arms), 2 four inch square aluminum posts, custom gate, 3 opener/closer fobs, and our professional labor.  Two common upgrades beyond the standard options are a keypad access and/or a permanent button access.

What Does An Automatic Gate Cost?

As of this update (late 2022) expect to pay around $5,000 to $10,000 for an entire electric gate setup.  The low end is going to be something like a 4′ x 10′ single piece gate with no bells or whistles.  The high range will be for a custom double drive gate over a long span like 20′, with keypad, and new electric.  You can certainly go over $10,000 if you get into stone columns, wrought iron, or camera/phone access.  Our automatic gate installations come with a six month labor warranty.  We have gone through many operator brands and now exclusively work with a manufacturer that is very reliable and easy to service if ever needed.

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Where To See Some Previous Gate Installs?

Contact us and we will get you exact addresses for a drive by.  But we have recent installs on these streets:
-Chanticleer Drive (Greenville, Chanticleer)
-E Seven Oaks (Greenville, Chanticleer)
-Meyers Dr (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-Augusta Dr (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-East & West Faris Rd (Greenville, Augusta Rd, several houses)
-Potomac Dr (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-Long Hill St (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-Old Augusta Rd (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-Faris Cir (Greenville, Augusta Rd)
-East Montclair Dr (Greenville, North Main)
-East Hillcrest Dr (Greenville, North Main)
-East Earle St (Greenville, North Main)
-McDonald St (Greenville, North Main)
-Oakland Dr (Greenville, Overbrook)
-Wembley Rd (Greenville, Gower)
-Buckingham Rd (Greenville, Gower)
-Pimlico Rd (Greenville, Gower)
-Pinckney St (Greenville, SC)
-Belmont Ave (Greenville, Alta Vista)
-Capers St (Greenville, Alta Vista)
-McDaniel Ct (Greenville, Alta Vista)
-Dunlap Dr (Greenville, SC)
-Jenkins St (Greenville, SC)
-Botany Rd (Greenville, Eastside)
-Old Rutherford Rd (Taylors, SC)
-Highway 11 (Landrum, SC)
-Due West Highway (Belton, SC)
-Roe Ford Rd (Travelers Rest, SC)
-Lake Farm Ct (Travelers Rest, SC)
-Bowen Rd (Anderson, SC)
-Wingo Rd (Campobello, SC)
-Lake Cunningham Rd (Greer, SC)
-West Poinsett St (Greer, SC)
-Fews Bridge Rd (Greer, SC)
-Glenn Cove Rd (Starr, SC)
-Robert P Jeanes Rd (Easley, SC)
-Spring St (Easley, SC)
-Hipps Rd (Simpsonville, SC)
-Dendy St (Pelzer, SC)
-Edwin Lanford Rd (Woodruff, SC)
-Dunklin Bridge Rd (Fountain Inn, SC)
-New Market Rd (Tryon, NC)

Estate Drive – Rainbow Arch Gate

We did this double drive automatic entry gate for a lovely estate home in Greer. We installed over 1,000 feet of 5′ tall spear top aluminum fence as well.

Single Piece – Flat Top Gate

This gate ain’t going no where, aka, this is a very solidly built gate. It is actually built to commercial specs. It is one of several we have installed in Chanticleer.

Single Piece – Arched Top Gate

Here is a bread and butter automatic gate install. This one was in Gower. Something like this is going to take a day to get installed over your driveway.

Double Drive – Wide Span Gate

Yes, this gate is absolutely as big as it looks. If memory serves, it covers about 23′. Something this big won’t work everywhere, but it was perfect for this install in Greer.

Fully Custom Estate Driveway Gate

Would you believe the owner’s last name starts with an F? These gates were expensive to have made, but if you saw the house, you would understand that they were needed!

5′ Tall Automatic Aluminum Gate

They don’t all have to be fancy. This install will protect your cars, pets, ands kids without breaking the budget. We try to stock common setups like this to be ready for quick installs.

Solar Powered Automatic Double Gate

The white box on the bottom left corner is the solar cell that powers this double drive we installed in Travelers Rest. They aren’t exactly low-profile. Keep that in mind when deciding how you want your entry way to look.

Keypad Gate Access System

Spend the extra money and go ahead and get the keypad. It’s a little higher cost up front, but your visitors will be happy to have it.

Heavy Duty Commercial Hardware

Don’t fall for other guys throwing cheap internet operators on residential pedestrian gates with $20 hinges. You want your gates to last a generation with limited maintenance. Start with high quality products hinges, 4″ posts, and custom framing. You will be very happy in the long run.

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