Wood Privacy Fence Builder in Greenville

The modern wood privacy fence can be a lot more than just boards nailed to a support.  There are lots of very attractive prefab fencing options that are a nice mix of of privacy and eye appeal.  And there are always a couple of dozen different traditional privacy fencing options where you can buy fencing from a big box chain and we can install it for you.  Most of the time though our cost to provide all the materials and building the fence will be cheaper than piecemealing out the process between material and labor.  Our pricing really just comes down to the quantity and type of fence required, along with our current availability.  And while we mostly do wood privacy fences in Greenville, vinyl privacy fences are also an option.

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As always, we would be happy to quote any other outside renovation work you need completed as part of your project.

Greenville Privacy Fence Comments:  Want to save 50% on your privacy fence?  Ask your neighbors if they will split the cost.  You wouldn’t believe how often this works and makes everyone happy.  It can be awkward if they say no, but you never know until you ask.  As an FYI, different parts of Greenville have some very stringent rules about fencing heights, so if you end up doing a privacy fence on your own, be sure you read up on those regulations.

Let me guess, a neighbor’s tree just trashed your privacy fence?  Probably half of the privacy fence installs we do are after major storms when trees come down.  Talk to your neighbor and talk to the insurance companies before you have any work done.  While these usually aren’t very expensive jobs, you will want to understand who is paying for what before you end up playing hot potato with a $400 invoice.